Time & Date Event Location Band


Jan 25 Robbie Burns


#4 St.James Legion    Band

Fives and Ties

Feb.5 Robbie Burns Masonic LodgeCorydon Ave   Band  Fives and Ties               Completed
Feb. 16-19 Sourdough Days Whitehorse, Yukon Full Dress    Cancelled
Mar 17 St. Patrick’s


St. James Legion Fives and Ties Completed
Mar 22 Log Branch

Mixed Dinner

Officers Mess Piper Completed
Mar 29 Air Force Birthday Mess Dinner Officers Mess Piper Complete
Apr 4 Air Force Birthday 17 Wing

Hanger 16

Piper Complete
Apr. 5 Air Force Birthday Mess Dinner 17 Wing

WO & Sgts


Piper Complete
Apr. 11 Admin. BranchMess Dinner 17 Wing  Officers Mess Piper Complete
Apr.19 Anual Engineers

Mess Dinner

17 Wing Officers Mess    Piper Completed
May 5 40th Military

Ordinate CWL


17 Wing Officers Mess Piper Completed
June 6 WO & Sgt’s Retirement Mess Dinner WO & Sgt’s Mess Piper    Completed
June 9 Brandon Travellers Day Parade Brandon. Mb Band Completed
June 16 Air Cadet’s Dinner Canad Inn Piper Completed
June 19 Sqn Mess Dinner 17 Wing Officers Mess Piper Completed
June 23 Parade Grafton, Nd Band


June 27 Change of Command Parade Base Mini Band Fives & Ties  Completed

July 1

Parade & Performance Gimli Band

S.S. Shirts

Aug 9 Folkarama

Scottish Pavillion

Heather Curling Club with Heather Belles BandS.S. Shirts


Aug 17-19 75th Anniv. of 402 Sqn TBA Band Full Dress   Completed
Aug 25 Morden Corn& AppleFestivalParade Morden Mb Fives & Ties   Completed
Sept. 5 PO Thompson funeral Piper   Completed
Sept. 16 Battle of Britain TBA Piper Completed
Sept. 23 50th Anniv.

of Lord


Pipes &


TBA Band

Full Dress

Sept. 26 Air Reserves

75th Anniv.


Canad Inn

Polo Park

Piper Completed
Oct 5 Air Reserves

75th Anniv.

Meet & Greet

TBA Piper Completed
Oct. 13 Air Cadets Awards Dinner 17 Wing Officers Mess Piper   Completed
Nov. 1  CFANS Mess Dinner Piper Booked
Nov. 11 Parade and St.James Legion Portage Ave & #4 Legion Band Full Dress Booked
Nov 11 Rembrence Day Service  17 Wing Chapel Piper Booked
Nov 24-25 Parade Cavalier, Nd Band Full Dress Booked


For 2008

Date & Time Event Location Band Status
 Robbie Burns St.James Legion Band ( 5’s & Ties )  Completed
Jan 25
Feb 23  Yellow Ribbon Gala Fort Garry Hotel Piper  Completed
Mar 1 Manitoba Moose Military Appreciation Night MTS Centre Band  Completed
    Mar 8  Brier Opening Ceremonies  MTS Centre  Band ( Full Dress )  Completed
Mar 16  Brier Closaing Ceremonies  MTS Centre  Band ( Full Dress )  Completed
Mar 17  St. Patricks Day  St. James Legion  Band ( 5’s & ties )
Mar 27  Wing Command Curling Bonspiel Assiniboine Curling Club Piper  Completed
Air force Mess Dinner  17 Wing Officers Mess   Piper  Completed
Apr. 10
Apr 24   CME Mess Dinner  17 Wing Officer’s Mess  Piper  Completed
May 31 17 Wing CF Day Southport  Band ( 5’s & Ties )   Booked
June 5 W LE Br Candlelight Dinner 17 Wing Officers Mess   Piper   Booked
June 12  Mess Dinner WO & Sgt’s Mess  Piper   Booked
June 14  Red River Ex Red River Ex Site Band   Booked
 June 21 Red River Ex Site Band    Booked
Red River Ex
  July 1 Canada Day Gimli Parade & Legion Performance Band ( SS Shirts )   Booked
July 8 Military Appreciation Northern League All-Star Game   Goldeyes game at Canwest Ball Park   Band  Booked
Oct. 26   Manitoba Tattoo   TBA   Band ( Full Dress )   Booked
Nov 11  Rememberance Day Parade & St. James Legion  Portage Ave. & St. James Legion  Band ( Full Dress )  Tentative
Nov 25   Bemidji, Mn  Parade Band ( FullDress )   Tentative
Nov 26   Cavalier, Nd  Parade Band ( Full Dress )   Tentative

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