Booking the Band

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Below are a few consideration that should be taken into account when booking the band. Once you have decided to book the band you can contact us by the link provided below.

Booking Considerations

The 402 Squadron Pipes and Drums Band has a variety of different performances available. They include: Mess dinners; Parades; Sporting events; Ceremonies (official military or civilian); Weddings; Funerals; Public relations; Concerts; Christmas and Graduation Balls; Private events; and Holidays.


Outdoor performances are not possible in cold and wet conditions, and outdoor pipe performances are not accepted after 11 November.


Due to the sensitivity of the instruments, the band requires a location to tune with the same or similar conditions as the performance for at least 45 minutes prior to the performance time. We request the event coordinator take into consideration a location that it does not disrupt other events happening beforehand.

Robert Burns Nights

Each year, on the 25th of January, the Pipes and Drums Band participate in a traditional Robert Burns Night. The event is organized by the #4 Legion on Portage Ave. The evening includes a buffet meal including a fine serving of Haggis complete with the traditional ode, poetry reading, Highland dancing, Pipe Band performances. It is an excellent way to view the band and enjoy a great night out.

Remembrance Day Services

The Pipes and Drums Band and it’s parent unit 402 “City of Winnipeg” Squadron is honoured to annually parade with the veteran from the #4 Legion for Remembrance Day, Nov 11th. The services commences at the Bruce Cenotaph on Portage at 10:45 AM. After the service is complete the parade marchs up Portage Ave, to the #4 legion. Although this service is secondary to Winnipeg’s main service down town at the convention center, it is very well attended, and the parade of the veterans is always met by chears.

Following the parade the Pipe Band gathers together and performs for the veteran in the legion.

Mess Dinners

Remember when booking for a mess dinner, besides just booking the piper you may want to book the band as part of the post dinner events.



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